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How to improve the performance of Android.

Как улучшить работу AndroidWays to improve the performance of your devaysa on the operating system Android.
Many people use phones or tablets to Android. But often there is such a problem that the phone or tablet starts to work very badly, it occurs due to a number of reasons, how to fix these problems are written in this article.

1) The first point is that you just need to update the firmware of your devaysa. Firmware upgrades recover various shortcomings. The more you update your firmware, the better it will work for you phone or tablet.

2) The following paragraph states that it is necessary to return your device to factory settings. When you make a factory reset your device back to the original settings. But this solution will fix the problem because it is only during the longer you use your device, the more it will slow down. It is recommended to make a copy of your contacts and various important information for you.

3) Try as little as possible to download the application on the internal memory. Better all applications swing on your memory card. If you have installed a lot of applications in the internal memory, I advise you to move all your applications on a flash card.

4) The fourth most important advice, look for useful applications in Google Play.
I suggest you download this application as Clean Master. This useful application cleans cache, is also a means to clean startup and clears RAM.
I strongly advise you to get a good antivirus. One of these is antivirus DrWeb. A good antivirus protects you from trouble. And do not correct the correct operation of some applications.


14 Мая 2019
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13 Мая 2019
At the moment, almost anyone who is familiar with the game of gambling in the online institution Kosmolot knows about the existence of a casino club Kosmolot. This club of slot machines has been working online for about three years already, but not everyone, even his client, knows that this..
9 Мая 2019
The player goes to the casino, hoping for a good jackpot. But, on reflection, it postpones the registration, since it cannot immediately replenish the deposit. Here are just a casino Vulcan prestige, you can go without money. A second after registration, the club will give you a no deposit..
3 Мая 2019
During the day, your smartphone has worked a lot, sending and receiving messages, taking pictures and catching Pokemon. After all these efforts, how not to leave him in the evening on a tethered cord for charging, so that in the morning he would again be full of strength and readiness to do his..
30 Апреля 2019
Nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride or lithium-ion? Or maybe it's better to buy a lithium polymer battery? And what longer does it work? And with which less hassle? Having heard, Motorola has developed some new fuel cells in which something is flooded. Accidentally not gasoline? Question,..

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