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Removable or non-removable smartphone battery. Which is better?  RSS 2.0

Removable or non-removable smartphone battery. Which is better?

There was a time when, when choosing a particular smartphone, a decision was made based on the battery parameters. Not even the parameters, but one, the most important - its capacity. After all, this element has a significant influence on the work of the gadget, used in everyday life much more often ballpoint pens.

Many do not like when a smartphone has to be charged daily, or even several times. And some people are more important than the look and performance, and it's possible to solve the charging problem with the help of a mobile battery (Power Bank), which recently increased significantly in the level of the reserve of charge. In general, the capacity of the smartphone battery is more or less clear. Manufacturers seek to find a middle ground between its power and size. Increasingly, they began to produce models of smartphones with a so-called non-removable battery that can not be removed or replaced independently. This caused a lot of controversy at specialized forums and venues. Buyers want to know if it's worth buying such models, or it's better to give priority to a smartphone with a classic removable battery.

In fact, the pros and cons are enough, as in some, and in other models. We will describe them below. But first things first.

The reasons that prompted manufacturers to use non-removable batteries.

Using a non-removable battery gives the developer a number of advantages. The main one is getting a greater degree of freedom when designing a design. In this device, you do not need to think about how it would be more elegant to decorate the elements of the cover, under which the battery is located.

The approach using a non-removable battery makes it possible to create more compact models of smartphones with a very high-quality assembly of the case, in which there are (or almost no) removable elements, and as a result, nothing creaks or luffs in them. Moreover, almost all models of smartphones with an all-metal casing are equipped with non-removable batteries.

An unsealed case of the smartphone has increased tightness, which positively affects the protection of internal elements from moisture and dust. Another serious reason for manufacturers to move to the creation of smartphones with non-removable batteries is the desire to deprive users of the opportunity to personally "ditch" their gadget, replacing the original battery with a compatible one, which will supposedly have a larger power reserve. Very often such upgrades with the use of counterfeit batteries with low-quality batteries lead to the failure of the hardware of the smartphone, and sometimes to more serious consequences - the explosion of the battery and / or its fire with the occurrence of a fire in the house.

Advantages of smartphones with a removable battery

Despite the reasonably large reasons for the large-scale transition to the production of smartphones with non-removable batteries, manufacturers are slow to completely abandon the classic models with recoverable batteries, as there are still a lot of buyers who want to be able to get the battery out of their gadget.

There are several main reasons that encourage buyers to give preferences to smartphones with removable batteries:

Possibility of using a spare battery.

The user can purchase an additional battery and carry it with him to replace, if necessary. Some manufacturers in the package of the smartphone include a spare battery.

Of course, most modern smartphones support energy-saving technologies, including special modes of operation with a charge economy, but in this mode some functions are essentially limited. For example, without Wi-Fi, the smartphone loses its "appeal", and multimedia viewing on the dim screen also does not give much pleasure. Because it is easier to carry a spare battery with you, than to limit the smartphone in the functions.

In fairness, we note that Universal Mobile Powerbank is already widely distributed, they allow you to recharge your smartphone, as well as other mobile gadgets, several times on one charge. But they take up more space in the bag when compared to a regular battery for a smartphone.

Ability to replace a damaged battery

Everyone knows that any battery has its lifespan, which is usually measured in the number of full charge / discharge cycles. Most batteries are designed for about 500-1000 such cycles. After that, their actual capacity with a full charge drops significantly and the device that receives energy from such a degraded battery has to be recharged more and more, and in the course of time is actually tied to the outlet forever. This is, to put it mildly, terribly inconvenient, even if Powerbank is always at hand. If the battery on the phone is removable, then when the time comes, you can see it on your own. To do the same manipulation for a smartphone with a non-removable battery, you will have to carry it to a service center and pay a lot of money for it. Although, by this time the smartphone

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