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Differences from other manufacturers and prices

To begin, let us tell you that Sony Vaio is a Japanese company with a worldwide reputation. They were among the first to create a portable cassette and, together with Philips, developed a laser recording technology on CDs. The quality of the product is not in doubt. In addition, to choose a suitable laptop in the online store is not difficult, they not only produce electronics, but also have a decent income from other fields of activity. What does this company give us? Reliability and power. The Japanese company provides us with a huge selection, including both small and light notebooks, and the most powerful gaming machines. First of all, I would like to note the insides of these laptops. The filling in the Vayo laptop (VAIO) is no different from others, but their laptops are very powerful. The Japanese company strives to be one step ahead, and in general it succeeds in doing so, a similar tactic affects the price of Vaio notebooks (VAIO). Many models are quite expensive, but the reliability of this company instills confidence that it is worth it.

Disadvantages of Sony Vaio laptops

With such power, one big drawback appears - overheating. It is because of it that laptops most often suffer. This is probably the only completely unsolved problem of all of them. Manufacturers often save on such things. To its credit, Sony is worth mentioning that they are struggling with this problem. Another problem Sony Vaio laptops (VAIO) are the drivers. After reinstalling the embedded OS, there are often problems with drivers. Because of this, the keyboard function keys stop working. Unfortunately, reinstalling the drivers does not resolve the issue. Also, the problem is delivered by the software installed initially. After reinstalling the factory OS, it is quite difficult to restore the software, as it is copyrighted. To all, there are problems with proprietary drivers, as mentioned above.

The price of a laptop

Prices for Vayo laptops (VAIO) are different, at what price to buy, depends on what you need. A powerful gaming machine, or a mobile laptop for work? For example, a gaming laptop Vayo (VAIO) will cost 20 thousand hryvnia. For the office, the stylish Vaio laptop (VAIO) for 11 thousand will be fine. In general, new items in 2017 will cost from 20 to 35 thousand hryvnia. And this is not the limit, the corporate laptop Vayo (VAIO) 2018 can be bought for 40 thousand hryvnia. The technical characteristics of this monster is suitable for everyone: for fans of modern games, and for stylish businessmen who work for themselves Digital.

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To begin, let us tell you that Sony Vaio is a Japanese company with a worldwide reputation. They were among the first to create a portable cassette and, together with Philips, developed a laser recording technology on CDs.
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