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However, it does not cause ocular melanoma on a mobile phone.  RSS 2.0

However, it does not cause ocular melanoma on a mobile phone.

However, it does not cause ocular melanoma on a mobile phone.

There is no connection between melanoma of the eye and the use of a mobile phone, ”said the German medical brigade. The study covers 10 years, but we cannot predict it for 20 or 30 years.

This research group referred to the use of mobile phones as a risk factor for developing melanoma of the eye in a previous study, as the previous report reported an increase in the incidence of melanoma among regular mobile users.

The previous study, which proved the opposite of this result in 2001, was conducted by the same group. It was attended by 118 patients, and mobile phones were much more advanced.

To support earlier results, a more comprehensive study was conducted in which circumstances were determined more accurately. As for the 10-year period of time, it can be said that there was no connection between cell phone use and melanoma of the eye.

The latest results were published in January 2009. The study involved about 500 patients with the above-mentioned disease, which is a large number of cases with rare cases of melanoma of the eye. In addition to the melanoma group, there were over a thousand control people, of whom about 200 were from family members of patients with melanoma.

You often hear different opinions about the connection between brain tumors and cell phone use for and vice versa. According to the attending physician, due to the anatomical position of the eye (thus, arising tumors), this can be an excellent indicator of potentially harmful radiation from mobile use, and therefore results are encouraging, but also added that the study covers only 10 years and we cannot predict what will happen in 20 or 30 years.

(Dr. Agnes Csuth - Vital Balance Lifestyle Center)

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