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Smartphones and Phones

Many people say that it is impossible to do without a telephone in our time. They associate their lives with him and eventually become part of the addicted to the phone. Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone, usually protected.

But I would like to highlight another (bad) side of the phone. For example, we say about the terrible radiation that people absorb while talking on the mobile, or simply holding it in their pocket, and there are many such examples.

Yes, you can not take and throw out the phone from our life, but you can at least reduce the use of your mobile phone to a minimum.

Let's remember how it was good when people wrote huge letters to each other and how it was romantic, interesting, not that now, I called and forgot.

We need to communicate with the people for a long time without the help of modern technologies, although it can be beat and a little more convenient, and communication will bring you much more joy and benefit.

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25 Июня 2018
22 Июня 2018
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12 Июня 2018
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8 Мая 2018
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8 Мая 2018
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