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How to choose the universal external battery PowerBank?

How to choose the universal external battery PowerBank?       How to choose the universal external battery PowerBank?

Man quickly gets used to everything good. That's our generation used to touch phones, tablets, ipads and other gadgets so that a discharged battery of one of them can lead literally to a heart attack. Being in the heart of the city crowd, we are afraid of losing the "connection with the world" and reflexively looking for an outlet in which you can plug in the phone for recharging. But what if there are no sockets nearby?

What is PowerBank? External battery with solar battery.

There have been moments in my life when I just dreamed of a spare battery to the phone. Therefore, having learned about external solar batteries - batteries, I bought Solar Power Bank 20000mAh Silver. In general, the thing is very useful, especially for those who do not for a minute part with the phone. In fact, the powerbank is an external battery with a solar battery, reliably storing electricity for stock. Of course, the price-quality parameters of chargers will vary significantly depending on the quality of energy-saving elements and on behalf of the manufacturer of the charger.

I bought a relatively inexpensive model. Compact enough, the dimensions are 123x63x16, 8mm, but a bit heavy for this size, my poverbank has two USB outlets. Why two? In principle, this approach allows you to charge two phones at the same time, but in addition, at the request of the manufacturer, they are configured to supply a different current. The USB cable that comes with the kit has a universal socket that can be plugged into any of the 4 adapters. That is, from the charger you can energize virtually any of the existing gadgets. The installed charge indicators let you know the amount of energy left. By the way, you can charge an external battery powerbank not only from the sun but also from the computer and from an ordinary outlet - for this there is an input for mini-USB. The maximum energy reserve, written on the most povobanka, 20000 mAh, the truth in reality is a little different, but more on that later.

As written above, I bought a budget model, but there are more expensive ones. However, there are a number of problems that can be traced in expensive models, and in cheaper ones. Therefore, one should carefully consider several important nuances that should be followed when choosing Solar Power Bank.

Specifications powerbank - applications and reality.

The first thing to consider when buying a powerbank is the actual capacity of the battery. Manufacturers of devices often overestimate the battery capacity. I do not know why they do this - either for advertising purposes, or just play "the fool", but the real state of affairs is that these parameters never coincide with life indicators.

Let's look at simple examples. The manufacturer indicates in the parameters of 10 amperes, and the battery of your device requires only two. "ABOUT! - the future buyer thinks, (I thought so too) - yes I can charge my unit five times! », - no-ah, I answer, - you can not. Do you know why? Yes, because it absorbs the battery 3.7, and gives 5V. Do you feel the difference? The real situation is that the universal mobile battery gives, at best 80% of the claimed capacity, at least, my Solar Power Bank - for sure. Therefore, when buying, the figure specified by the manufacturer is best divided into two - so you will be much closer to the true state of things.

Charging for a phone with a solar battery.

Have in your pocket a device that can at any time give out the required amount of energy to the tablet or phone - cool. And to have the same device that, in addition, can be recharged from the sun even steeper - so I thought, choosing a universal mobile battery. Well, to a certain extent, I was right.

Any powerbank to which a solar battery is attached remains an ordinary battery, and the only difference is that it can be charged from sunlight. There is in this and a significant minus - if the day did not have time to charge the battery, then at night you do not shine, either in direct or figuratively.

In fact, as my calculations and simple testing have shown, to charge this external solar battery for the phone from the sun you need at least four days, that is, approximately one week of sunny weather. The grain of the problem lies in the dimensions of the solar panel, which is too small. The size of the device allows you to put it in your pocket, but for a full charge, the size of the solar panels is too small.

It often happens that the powerbank device with a solar battery is additionally equipped with a flashlight, like I, for example, that is not so bad. Two outputs, according to the manufacturers, are capable of issuing one and two amperes respectively. But, as shown by prak


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