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24 Октября 2017
Samsung has presented a version of the smartphone - Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J730F). He passed the capital restyling in the field of the exterior. All smartphones of the Galaxy J series have similar projection features, but with different overall dimensions.
15 Сентября 2017
Many people say that it is impossible to do without a telephone in our time. They associate their lives with him and eventually become part of the addicted to the phone. Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone, usually protected.
14 Сентября 2017
Today you, for sure, have repeatedly heard such a combination of words as "making an online store." What is it and what is an online store? This is a virtual store, which stores a lot of different goods. And each thing you can get just by clicking on the mouse, or by calling the..
21 Августа 2017
In recent years, the markets have swept the invasion of inexpensive and quite decent smartphones of different Chinese brands!
7 Августа 2017
Now we are slightly distracted from advice on the construction of suburban homes and villas, we will not tell you how to qualitatively paste new wall-papers on the wall or how to get rid of old plaster.

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